Greensand Ridge

Weald, Kent, England


Taking their name from the hills that surround their home in the Weald, Greensand Ridge are a micro-distillery on a mission to develop breath-taking spirits in an honest and positively influential way. 

Their products are at the heart of the brand, with all their flavours sourced from the lands that surround them. Located in beautiful open countryside, they produce spectacular and award winning spirits, whilst maintaining the environmental ethos of the brand. 

Greensand Ridge’s mission is to redefine sustainability by placing their focus on 4 keys areas: 

Reducing farm waste – 75% of food waste occurs at the farm gate and is a huge cost to farmers. Greensand Ridge support farmers by offering a price for produce that would otherwise be waste i.e. not sellable to supermarkets, such as the raspberries used to create their Raspberry Ghost Eaux de Vie.

Reducing emissions – Their still runs on 100%  ‘Good’ renewable energy, enabling them to claim a carbon neutral title. 

Minimising chemical use – They don’t use chemicals during the distillation process, and the still is internally cleaned with hot water which they recover during distillation. Bottles are also cleaned using high pressure air.

Eliminating waste – Greensand Ridge resue or recycle 100% of the materials  they use, be it plastic, pallets or packaging. They also compost their used botanicals and give their pressed apple pomace as cattle feed. 

With this in mind, it’s clear Greensand Ridge is a true, environmentally friendly brand that simply wants to produce the finest spirits possible, all of which reflect the woods, orchards, fields and hedgerows that surround the distillery.