Welcome to the GINaissance

Why you should definitely be putting more effort into your gin offering.
Written on 04.04.2018, 00:00

There’s a GINaissance happening right now.

It’s no secret how popular gin has become over the past couple of years, but did you know in 2017 over 51 million bottles were sold?? That’s a huge increase of 9.5 million bottles compared to 2016, and sales only continue to rise. To put it into comparison, that’s the equivalent of a bottle for every adult in the UK!

The massive rise in gin sales can be attributed to the increase in distilleries and brands in the UK, with more and more people - quite rightly - jumping onto the gin bandwagon. There are now 315 distilleries in the UK; double the amount from 4 years ago. And it's the same doubling of UK gin brands too. 

Gin cocktail with lunch

There’s also a definite consumer demand for small-batch, independent and locally produced gins, with brands such as Warner Edwards seeing an impressive increase in their turnover in 2017.

People have recognized this demand and started distilling their own gins in the hope that consumers will jump at the chance to try a lesser-known brand of gin. It’s considered ‘cool’ to drink a gin that isn’t well known, and for the brand producing it, this is perfect. They get exposure and advertising through social media without even trying. With that in mind, think of the exposure your business could get alongside this, simply by adding one or two quirkier gins to your menu. 

This liking for small-batch artisan gins definitely appeals to the younger millennial generation, but its also appreciated by the older, more seasoned gin drinkers, therefore leading to the increases we’re seeing across the board. So if your target market is an older sophisticated clientele, or a younger social media savvy generation, it doesn't matter. Gin lends itself to either and more. 

We think the reasons for this new-found popularity are because gin is so incredibly versatile. It can be drunk on it’s own, or with tonics of different flavours, in pretty much any cocktail, and it looks the business when it comes to the finish. You can add different flavours to it, you can add different colours, and it’s ‘sexy’. A gin brand can be whatever you want it to be, as long as the label & bottle design is appealing or quirky, people will be attracted to it.

So with the Ginaissance showing no signs of slowing – what will you do to ginspire your customer?