Everything You Need to Know About Sentio Wines

If you're looking to offer something new and different, read on...
Written on 22.03.2018, 00:00

Sentio is the "sensational" Prosecco: an exclusive range of Prosecco, created to experience the sensations of an excellent wine, learning about aromas, colours, flavours, emotions... Produced after an accurate research of the local vines in the high Marca Trevigiana area and alongside the young wine-lovers consumers demands, the new brand is a refined interpretation of the sparkling Prosecco, modern, fresh, intriguing and exuberant, like its two creators, the young entrepreneurs Edoardo Borghi and Francesco Baccichet. Both under 30, they've chosen to appraise the wine of their area matching with the quality of the product, with a refined and original image and a 2.0 form of comunication that aims to involve and share the pleasure of tasting through the social network. 

In Conegliano Valdobbiadene is where it all begins and the DOCG Prosecco Superiore comes to life; its outstanding freshness, the aroma and fruity fragrance of apples and pears are easily recognisable. The grapes are vinified using the classical white-wine method. The sparkling process occurs according to the Italian Method (Martinetti-Charmat) revisited by the "Scuola Enologica di Conegliano" (a wine-making research studies Institute in Conegliano) adapting a system that involves the introduction of the wine with sugar and selected yeasts in the autoclaves, where the second fermentation stage lasting a minimum of 30 days begins.

The sparkling effect of the Prosecco Superiore is the delicate result of the time passing; in fact we adopt the classical method to maintain the original product qualities adding the innovation of a young team, hence the choice to keep a lower content of sugar in all our products and a longer second fermentation period in the autoclaves, which guarantees a greater stability, delicate aromas and fine and long lasting "perlage".

Today the brand Prosecco D.O.C. determines the origin and produce of a wide area, extended to 9 Provinces and 2 Regions, that are Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia; our grapes are cultivated under strict rules, in order to protect the environment and the consumer, but, most importantly, our priority is to maintain the maximum quality during the whole process until the final result.