Can Colour = More Sales?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ll have noticed the incredible popularity of coloured drinks like pink gin.
Written on 05.08.2019, 00:00


With different spirit types and brands jumping on the coloured band-wagon, the ever increasing range of colour and flavour in drinks and cocktails only continues to rise in popularity, across not only the millennial generation, but in older age ranges too. 

The novelty of drinking something coloured and impressively eye-catching aside, have you ever stopped to wonder whysuch drinks are so appealing? Why are people more likely to pick pink gin over regular gin? Why is the bright orange bottle of marmalade vodka what appeals, above all the other bottles? And how can you use this to your advantage?

Two words; colour psychology. 

The world is a visual place. Everywhere you look there’s colour, right down to the last Instagrammable detail, and sometimes without even realising, you feel a range of emotions when faced with different colours. Blue for freshness, red for passion and energy, pink for romantic…you get the idea. Colour has always been used to manipulate customers through marketing and branding, so why can’t you take this idea and use it to influence sales? 

Clothing brands choose seasonal colours to create a fashion line. Why can’t you choose seasonal coloured drinks to create an attention-grabbing bar? Bright colours for summer like oranges and pinks will stand out amongst the regular bottles of spirits that can be found all year round. Why not offer a seasonal selection, which nudges towards the summer colours suggested by Pantone perhaps? 

You don’t need to focus on alcoholic drinks either. We previously wrote an article about how more and more consumers are looking for low or no alcohol. Luckily for you, the packaging design on offerings like craft sodas are already noticeable to the consumer because they’re designed that way. And cocktails need no explanation. They’re great to look at; you can garnish one to within an inch of its life, give it a fun name and boom, you’ve got yourself a summer slurp that everyone wants to Instagram. 

Using colour psychology isn’t difficult; it just needs a little thought initially. But if you do start using it to your advantage, we guarantee your customer’s senses will be stimulated and their interest will be piqued. Word of mouth will flow and your social feed will be chock full of inspirational and visually appealing images. Give it a try and see what happens.