6 of the Best Everyday Wines for the On-Trade

Our selection of wines which we know your customers will want to try.
Written on 12.03.2018, 00:00

If you’re part of the on-trade sector, we reckon it can get a bit difficult choosing the right wines to offer your customers on a regular basis, all year round. There’s an absolutely huge range out there to take your pick from, and each bottle claims to be the right one for you.

We’d suggest putting yourself in your customers’ shoes to help make your decision that little bit easier. Why do they come to you? Is it a quick glass of wine and a social visit, is it to have a three-course dinner and drinks, or is it because your prices are right? It could be anything!

A glass (or bottle) of wine is a great excuse to socialise with friends, so we think keeping your choices at the cheaper end but without compromising on quality is your safest bet. We’ve selected 6 of our wines we think you should definitely consider for your every day offering:


Berton Vineyards Metal Label Black Shiraz 75cl

This Australian Shiraz has a deep colour, huge palate and high alcohol level at a very affordable price. The Black Shiraz upholds the Shiraz tradition with strong blackberry and plum aromas over toast, vanilla and spice. The palate is full flavoured and intense with rich blackberry, plum, blueberry and spicy characters. The tannins are very ripe and dense giving great structure and length to the palate. A satisfying red wine for a customer to end their day with.

Berton Vineyards Black Shiraz

Francois Jamet Red 75cl

You simply can’t go wrong with a reasonably priced French red wine. This one is a deep red colour and very aromatic, with notes of blackberry and plum on the nose. The palate has flavours of roasted almonds and chocolate. It’s a well-balanced red with a long finish that is a great one to have in stock as a house wine.

Francois Jamet Red wine


Louis Eschenauer Sauvignon Blanc 75cl

A dangerously easy to drink sauvignon blanc, this one would make a great day time or evening tipple. It’s a very clear pale yellow colour, with subtle green tints in the right light. It’s quite fruity with notes of pineapple, but also floral with notes of orchard flowers. Serve this chilled and it’s entirely enjoyable on it’s own, but it’s also great paired with light meals or poultry dishes making it a great accompaniment to a lunch menu perhaps.

Louis Eschenauer Sauvignon Blanc

Tall Horse Chardonnay 75cl

A charming South African white wine with a safari of juicy tropical and citrus fruits and flavours. This is a wonderfully expressive wine to chill and drink immediately, yet with a structure to last for up to 2 years so you can keep it around for a little while. This Chardonnay is simply delicious served with fresh fish and seafood platters, creamy pastas and lavish salads. It’s a great one to crack out during the summer months.

Tall Horse Chardonnay from South Africa


Frocks and Thrills Zinfandel Rosé 75cl

This rosé is all about the strawberry flavours. It’s floral, fresh and packed with summer berries, with a well balanced finish. This elegant rosé wine is just waiting to be sampled by your customers! It’s also perfect if you’re looking for something that’s not too dry, and the colour is a very pretty pink. Another great one for the upcoming summer months!

Frocks and Thrills Zinfandel Rose

Soul Tree Rosé 75cl

If you’re looking for something no one else will have, this one is all the way from India. It’s got jammy fruit and light pepper on the nose, with a very refreshing palate in a light-to-medium body style. This wine has a level of acidity that will refresh and awaken the taste buds to enhance the overall experience. It’s incredibly refreshing on its own or can be served well chilled with a wide variety of spicy dishes. It pairs very well with the spicy tandoori dishes, tikkas, kebabs, vindaloos, and dhansak dishes.

Soul Tree Rose from India